CAP (Contemporary Issues in Agriculture Podcast)

In this podcast, undergraduate students at Iowa State University will be moderating conversations on different contemporary issues in agriculture. In the podcast we are not supporting any view, perspective or opinion but rather providing a platform for promoting dialogue. The students use the podcast to apply course concepts such as active listening.

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5 days ago

Join co-hosts Sydney Schnor and Jessica Rodman on the podcast "Contemporary Issues in Agriculture" as they delve into contemporary challenges facing the agricultural industry, primarily focusing on the impacts of the recent bridge collapse on agricultural transportation and production. Listen in as they discuss about the Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse and how it affects the agricultural industry, particularly the shipping of large agricultural and construction equipment.
Working their way through the short-term and long-term economic impacts of the bridge collapse, Sydney and Jessica highlight the industry's adaptability and resilience in the face of adversity. They note how challenges borne from the COVID-19 pandemic have helped shape a more flexible and responsive shipping system, helping to mitigate the immediate impact of the bridge collapse.
This episode also delves into the ongoing recovery efforts, the projected timeline for full access to the port, and the potential economic boom for the area due to the influx of recovery and rebuilding jobs.
Finally, the hosts emphasize the importance of audience feedback, inviting listeners to share thoughts, ideas, and comments about the topics discussed or current issues impacting the agriculture industry. Join Sydney and Jessica as they continue to explore the most pressing challenges in the agricultural sector.

Wednesday May 08, 2024

In this enlightening episode of the Cap podcast, we welcome Ashlyn and Kesley, hosts of 'Beefing Up the Debate', as they animate the differences between show cattle and production cattle industries. They are joined by Kylie Allen, a show cattle enthusiast, Sam Martin, an expert from the production cattle sector, and Macy Moore, an unbiased vet student.Capturing the essence of the cattle industries, Kylie and Sam guide us through their journeys which reveal intimate details about animal welfare, industry innovations, market dynamics, and common misconceptions. Kylie speaks about the scope of youth involvement and ethical animal treatment in the show cattle industry, while Sam provides an insight into the vital role of the production industry in dairy and meat streams.We probe the profound differences and potential intersections between the show and production industries, the historical foundations of the show industry, and the substantial economic importance of cattle production. Moreover, the podcast highlights the significance of youth programs like 4-H and FFA for nurturing future agricultural professionals.Emphasizing the necessity for increased focus on animal welfare, consumer understanding, and promotional efforts, this episode will increase your knowledge of the cattle sector. We wrap up with a look at the misconceptions about the industry and potential ways to bring a balanced, sustainable approach to the cattle sector.This comprehensive episode provides you an augmented understanding of the core intricacies and the combined mission of show and production cattle industries - to responsibly meet the protein requirements of the growing global population. Both sectors, albeit distinct, are crucial players in ensuring beef remains a staple food source.

Tuesday Mar 05, 2024

In the latest episode of our podcast, co-hosts Sidney Schnor and Jessica Rodman together with guest experts from Iowa State University delve into the critical topic of Carbon Capture. The experts explore the complexities surrounding  carbon sequestration, its potential role in mitigating climate change, and its far-reaching implications within the agricultural and ethanol production sector.
Join us as we unfold thoughtful perspectives on the challenges and possibilities of carbon capture and storage. Learn from Abby Feldpausch and Jillian Woodall, students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University, as they highlight practices that could help achieve net-zero carbon emissions. As they have conversations with various experts.
This episode not only enriches your understanding of carbon capture but also exemplifies its potential as an indispensable instrument for a sustainable future. So, tune in to learn more about how carbon capture could revolutionize our approach to mitigating climate change.

Monday Feb 05, 2024

In this thought-provoking episode of "Contemporary Issues in Agriculture Podcast", we unravel the controversy surrounding the recent legalization of raw milk in Iowa. Join us as we explore the different perspectives related to raw milk consumption, including safety procedures, potential drawbacks, and pasteurization techniques.  Our honored guests are  Dr. Stephanie Clark, professor in Food Science and Human Nutrition, and Dr. Gail Carpenter, a state extension dairy specialist, Dr. Francis Tickey, owner of Radiance Dairy, and Esther Arkfeld, owner of a raw milk micro-dairy.
We delve deep into the shortcomings in current legislation and the need for stricter regulations, and the growing popularity of consuming raw milk. Despite the many controversies, the legalization of raw milk production has sparked an interest in the market. However, our discussion highlights the dilemma between consumer freedom and rigorous safety regulations.  Stay with us on this educational journey. 

Introduction and Overview

Thursday Jan 18, 2024

Thursday Jan 18, 2024

In this episode, you will listen to the instructor of the course share the background and objective of the course. You will also listen to some of the students share their reflection about the project and a snap shot of some of the topics that will be covered in the coming episodes.

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